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Light maglev door crane GM90

Product model: light maglev door GM90
maglev automatic door meets the standard of household automatic door and disability door. This standard is common commercial automatic door machine can not be compared. Ultra-safe, ultra-quiet, power is easy to open, to help move the function, this several major characteristics constitute the typical characteristics of the household automatic door. Noise less than 40 db rebound force less than 10.

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  Technical parameters:

  Low voltage version(20kg-80kg)

  Input voltage:
  AC 220V-230V, 50/60Hz 
  Input voltage current: 
  AC 1A
  Insurance protection:


  Opening and closing speed:
  Open hold time: 
  Standby power consumption: 
  Maximum operating power consumption:
 Protection grade: 

 Operating temperature:


  Running noise:


  Maximum bearing weight:



Light maglev door crane GM90

Apply the hydrodynamic:

Light maglev door crane GM90

Product features:

Duotai maglev door with its quiet lightweight, space-saving features not only applicable to offices, restaurants and other public places, in our home decoration is also widely used, can be matched with a variety of door, to meet a variety of needs.

Can also be equipped with wireless hand pressure switch, wireless probe, wireless hand sensor switch, card reader and various switch buttons.

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