What's the difference between medical door and non-medical door?

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Different material

Non-professional medical door often use common layer board wood veneer, sandwich board, wood board and other materials, dedicated professional hospital door enterprises of medical door produced by using unified procurement of raw materials, all materials must meet the requirements of the use of the public hospital, must have the abrasion scrape resistance, fire prevention antibacterial, green environmental protection, acid-proof alkaline etc;

Design different

Generally speaking, it is the design of its style that can best reflect the technical content of the special door of the hospital. The non-professional medical door is often not functional enough to meet the hospital's requirements on product protection function, and the non-professional medical door technology has no standard, and the product details are not well handled, resulting in product quality instability;

Process is different

The non-professional medical doors are usually processed on the site. The operators do not have a deep understanding of the requirements of the hospital door making. The quality is rough and the error is large. Quality is also not easy to guarantee. Every step of the production process of the specialized hospital door manufacturing enterprise is strictly regulated and imported equipment is elaborately processed to ensure that the quality of the products it produces meets the requirements of the hospital.

Different service quality

Meticulous, thoughtful and comprehensive service is an important condition to guarantee the quality of hospital special door. The ordinary decoration team did not receive professional training such as making and installing the special doors of the hospital, and did not know much about the production process and materials, so the products of the hospital doors were not guaranteed in quality, and once there were problems and maintenance difficulties, and there was no after-sale service. And the service of the special door of sige hospital not only includes the measurement design before sale, the installation instruction during sale, but also includes the service after sale, such as the establishment of user files, prompt return visit and timely handling of problems.

Knowing the difference between medical and non-medical doors. What about the medical door?

Special requirements for functions:

1. The standby power connection interface is required.

2. The door closing function and two induction function must be provided.

3. There must be a functional interface to start the air shower equipment.

4. It is necessary to set non-contact proximity sensor, such as non-touch manual sensor or foot sensor.

5. Strengthen the anti-clip function to improve security, and the door body must set the killing anti-rebound function.

Sealing requirements of door:

1. The voltage range applicable to the electric control part shall be wide.

2. The electronic control part must comply with national standards on electromagnetic compatibility to prevent interference to medical equipment.

3. The motor reducer shall be specially designed to minimize noise to meet the requirements of clean room on noise.

4. Door body, stainless steel plate, electrolytic steel plate and color steel plate are used on the external surface, among which stainless steel plate is the best, but the cost is higher. Intermediate interlayer adopts foaming process or honeycomb structure to make the door body that has radiation protection requirement, intermediate interlayer should have certain thickness lead plate to be clamped in the middle. In addition, the wall joints to have sealing bar inlays.

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