What is the nature of the door and window seal?

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What are the sealing strips of doors and Windows:

1. Rubber and plastic materials:

Rubber is a kind of PVC, the processing equipment in brief, and investment in less, the material is very easy, the colour of the finished product, also can recover, using rate is very high, so all the capital in low, rubber with plastic, and even with blunt nose smell, its flexibility, patience and a bad weather in tensile reply slowly in the future, and is affected by temperature.

2. EPDM:

Epdm has the very good ozone resistance and oxidation resistance, good heat resistance and low temperature characteristics and so on many merits, the other, but also has good electricity, mutatis mutandis, the sex and outstanding stress-strain characteristics and so on merits, out of goods but also in safe, and dimensional accuracy is very high, but the epdm color comparison list one by one, since a self-adhesive stick with each function is poor.

3. Encapsulated sealing tape:

The sealing strip function is very well, and is energy-saving, environmental protection international three generations of seal products, by the strength of the thermosetting core and outer cortex and not of the same material system, to ensure the sealing strip long time use in different environment and cause of deflation and deformation, the strip has significantly, mutatis mutandis, the effect of sound insulation noise reduction and very superior heat preservation and heat insulation.

4. Sealing tape for plastic steel doors and Windows:

Window of model steel door sealing strip is in recent years in terms of use in a wide range of new generation of Windows and doors, it is usually the doors and Windows sealing strip corrosion and weather resistance function is very good, and have the effect of the noise reduction thermal insulation, the appearance of this kind of window of model steel door sealing strip is very light, has very good waterproof sealing function, and function of the house of beautiful decoration.

What is the nature of the door and window seal?

Above is a brief introduction about what are the doors and Windows sealing strip material, believe that through the above introduction, you will have further knowledge of doors and Windows sealing strip material and understanding, and of course selection at the end of the doors and Windows sealing strip, the next step is to be installed, what what are the precautions for sealing strip prior to installation of the window? Take a look at the following introduction:

Points to note before installing window seal:

1. Before installing the glass, carefully remove the debris in the slot, such as mortar, brick dust, wood, etc., when the glass is placed, it should be properly aligned to ensure the space on both sides is even, and be properly fixed in time to prevent collision and displacement and deviation from the center of the slot.

2. The rubber sealing strip cannot be stretched too tightly; the blanking length is 220-3omm longer than the assembly length. When installing, it should be inlaid in place and the surface should be straight.

3. When using sealant to fill and fix glass, rubber strip or rubber block should be first used to squeeze the glass, leaving a space for cementing. The depth of cementing should be no less than 5mm.

4. The mounting part of the wool strip is generally on the window (door) fan, around the frame fan or on the sealing bridge (wind damper), and the sealing between the frame and the fan is enhanced.

5. The woolen bar specification is an important factor affecting the performance of sliding door Windows and water tightness, as well as an important factor affecting the opening and closing force of doors and Windows.

6. If the specification is too small, or the vertical woolen strip is not high enough, it is easy to get out of the groove, so that the sealing performance of doors and Windows can be greatly reduced in the table picture. The woolen strip needs to be treated with silicification.

What is the nature of the door and window seal?

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